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Upgrade Cheaply and Donate Items to Flood Victims

Upgrade Cheaply and Donate Items to Flood Victims

It would be a great initiative to have anyone who is considering upgrading their TV (and other needed appliances/household items including computers) to do it now and send their old ones to under or uninsured floor victims.

It saddens me to see so many potentially working or fixable TVs thrown out at hard rubbish time because they’ve been upgraded to a sleeker modern version or perhaps a 3D TV. People who have multiple TVs may also want to donate one. I find just owning one TV brings the family together (and you can always watch ABC iView on your computer if you really don’t like what’s on TV).

The government is requesting businesses to dig deep. Sponsors could step up and offer:

- free trucking/rail/airline services to transport the appliances

- a discounted bulk deal for new appliances to encourage people to upgrade and donate their old appliances (GroupOn style)

- electricians and technicians to test the appliances for safety and fix any items needing repair

- donations of discontinued or obsolete stock

- collection points to accept donated appliances

- heavy discounts to flood victims

- free IT skills to set up the website which maintains a register of numbers and types of items required, donations being made and where you can register to offer a GroupOn style deal or where you register your interest in a particular type of appliance that you would purchase if a deal came up.

- marketing expertise and production capabilities (print, online etc)

- free advertising

It would be sensational for Australia to collaborate and get this project off the ground.

I’d be keen to be part of the website team.

What could you do to help?