Lovely Grace

Lovely Grace

I enjoy my Meals on Wheels round on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. It’s my opportunity to care a little for elderly people in my area.

Our position in old age is outside our control. Will we be healthy and physically and mentally capable of caring for ourselves? Will we be financially independent? Will our friends and family offer support, care and love? Only time will tell.

I spend a brief snippet of time with each person I deliver a meal to. It is interesting to observe the level of interaction and personality of each client. There are a range of responses illustrating a multitude of personalities, from appreciative, endearing, cheeky, vibrant, optimistic, surviving, struggling, lonely, hermit to no longer hygene conscious.

Grace was one of my favourite clients. Although she’d had a stroke that left her with physical challenges and some slight communication issues, Grace was always resilient, appreciative, pleased to see me, happy, pleasant, engaging. I didn’t mind taking 20mins or so to chat with Grace and to assist her write out her menu selection. The contrast between Grace’s lovely nature and that of one of my other clients left me curious from a social science perspective. The contrasting client whinges every single time I deliver a meal. The glass is always half empty. I leave wondering whether all her life she has held this negative, critical outlook. How has this influenced her friendships, relationships and opportunities in life?

I hope I can age Gracefully.

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