Turning Point – belief, encouragement and an hour

Turning Point – belief, encouragement and an hour

I encourage you to notice someone within your family, friends or workplace with untapped potential. Would they benefit from your expressed recognition of their skills, your belief in their ability to achieve their potential and a small amount of your time? I want to share my story of how my university degree can be attributed to an hour of time a former boss invested in me and how I too hope to support someone so they can create a turning point in their life.

At the completion of year 12, I returned to Melbourne after spending a year living in the country with my mother and sister. At seventeen years old, I found a job as a clerk at one of the major banks. I was a conscientious and hard worker so I regularly assisted management with their enquiries and other tasks. Within a few years I moved into their IT area where I enjoyed reading system user manuals, performing user testing and writing some simple business requirements.

At twenty-one, my boss offered me a job as a trainee computer programmer and encouraged me to attend university. I estimate he invested an hour of his time preparing a letter of recommendation for the university and assisting me with the process. This was a turning point in my life for which I will be forever grateful.

After the Black Saturday bush fires, I donated some new and used outdoor furniture to my old boss whose house unfortunately burnt down. I gave him a card thanking him for playing such an important role in my life. He was unaware that this seemingly little deed, such a small investment of his time, made such an impact.

I hope that I can assist others achieve their potential by supporting them with belief, encouragement and a little of my time.

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