Embracing Our Traits

Embracing Our Traits

A trait of the suburb Docklands is that it is frequently windy. What could be done if Docklands embrace this trait rather than have it take visitors by surprise, leaving them without a windproof jacket and shivering with the cold. Why not have their mantra as the kite flying capital, host a kite display and kite flying competitions?

I spend a lot of time reading about all things web. I’m reluctant to converse with the majority of my friends about the lastest book I’m reading in case they stop inviting me over. I keep it quiet that instead of buying fashionable new shoes or handbags with my credit card reward points, I bought domain names. If I embrace this trait, I could find some other IT mums who are also keen to get their children to start their first website and create their own blog entries. We could run workshops, share knowledge and have some geek fun.

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