Blue Puffle Customer

Blue Puffle Customer

Our unfed virtual pet Blue Puffle ran away. Have you fed your customers lately?

My sons use They earn credits by playing games then spend these credits on virtual pets and items to furnish / decorate their virtual igloo.

Jaiden hadn’t played for a while and forgot to buy credits to feed his pets so his Blue Puffle ran away, never to be seen again. It made me think about customers, whether you’ve ‘fed’ them, whether they’ve run away and if so, can you get them back.

I guess I liked this analogy because it used some of Chip and Dan Heath’s SUCCESsful idea checklist: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credentialed, Emotional, Story. Simple by using an analogy of customers running off, Emotional because a child’s virtual pet ran off and Story because it occurs in the virtual land of ClubPenguin.

What are your favourite strategies used within games?

What strategies do you use to touch base with your customers from time-to-time. I think we under utilise adhoc emails and newsletters to keep our customers nurtured. I’m off to send out a couple of emails to my favourite customers.

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